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Louise Sweet KC

Call 1994
Silk 2016

Louise is excellent. Very good judgement on how to run a case. Very well respected by the judiciary.

Legal 500 2022

Louise is a very astute and tenacious and highly skilled advocate. She is thoroughly professional and great with clients.

Legal 500 2024

A determined advocate with an empathetic manner towards clients and juries alike.

Legal 500 2023

  • Howard League for Penal Reform
  • Association of Regulatory & Disciplinary
  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Fraud Lawyers Association
  • Female Fraud Forum
  • South Eastern Circuit
  • Howard League for Penal Reform
  • Bencher Gray’s Inn
  • Direct Access Qualified
Directory Quotes

Louise Sweet KC is highly ranked Silk in Chambers and Partners and Legal 500

Selected Directory comments (2017-2024):

“Louise is a very astute and tenacious and highly skilled advocate. She is thoroughly professional and great with clients”

A determined advocate with an empathetic manner towards clients and juries alike

 “Louise is excellent. Very good judgement on how to run a case. Very well respected by the judiciary.“A very astute operator.

“Louise is one of the most hard-working and conscientious barristers, leaving no stone unturned
 to get the best possible result.

“Has an absolutely indomitable approach to the case which is seemingly undeterred by the difficulties
presented and yields very good results.

“Very good especially for sex and grooming cases.

A fearless and formidable advocate, who combines skill and hard work’. 

She has a very effective and direct approach.’ 

Instructing Louise Sweet KC

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Louise Sweet KC is a specialist criminal practitioner who defends in legally complex, emotive and high profile cases. She is held in particular regard as a specialist in vulnerable witness cases focusing in offences of a sexual nature and murder. She is a highly ranked Silk in both leading directories, Chambers and Partners and Legal 500 2024.

Louise has vast experience in defending all types of sexual offence allegations. Recent successes include a tech millionaire cleared of sex offences, a doctor accused of rape, a man accused of “rape by stealth” and a “shaman” facing multiple complaint allegations.

Grooming cases include Operation Silk, Operation Nautical (Oxford CC) and Operations Clover 1 and 2, trials arising from the Rotherham child sex exploitation scandal (Sheffield CC).

She has appeared in many murder cases, including cases of notoriety, attracting huge national press interest including the murder of “innocent by stander” 6th former, Jody Chesney, (joint enterprise murder Old Bailey) and represented the first defendant in “The Derby Fire Case” whose six children perished in a fire and a matricide committed by a teenage couple who hid their victim in the airing cupboard.

Louise has a good rapport and achieves good results with young and vulnerable defendants accused. For example, she secured the acquittal of a 15 year old accused of joint enterprise murder. She achieved a manslaughter “diminished responsibility” verdict for a man with alcohol dependency syndrome who beheaded his partner and a not guilty verdict for a mother accused with two others of killing her 7-week old baby. Experienced in challenging complex medical evidence.

Louise has been described by the Legal 500 as a “very effective and direct” jury advocate in the field of financial crime, defending business crime, corruption and money laundering prosecuted by all agencies, SFO, FCA, Trading Standards and Customs.

Louise is eligible to accept instructions under the Direct Access Scheme.

Louise is a highly regarded appeals advocate and has a good record of successful outcomes when making representation to avoid charges to the police and the CPS.

Practice Areas


Louise has a wide breadth of experience in defending prosecutions by all agencies including SFO, NCA, Trading Standards, HMRCE and FSA (FCA) investigations. Highlights include “The Wonga Fraud” where 19000 fraudulent loan applications to the payday loan company netted £6.2 million, R v S and Others (Operation Mecklenburger) where 80 million Euros, the proceeds of organised crime, was laundered via bureau de change in central London, R v A & Others (Operation Elveden) misconduct in a public office and R v Ozakpinar & Others (corrupt CPS procurement practices which went to the heart of Ludgate Hill).

Notable fraud cases

R v B & 3 Ors

Director found not guilty in boiler room fraud operating out of The Gherkin Building, multi handed, diamonds and art.

R v D & 3 Ors

Corruption of the “green economy” carbon credit fraud investigation into City investment firm and its associates. Maidstone.

R v A & 6 Others

Bureau de change money laundering, 18 defendants split in to three trials, (Operation Mecklenberger) 80 Million Euros laundered. Successfully opposed the admission of extra jurisdictional evidence. Successful exclusion of Albanian drugs gang conviction. Southwark. 3 month trial.

R v C & 12 Others

Defendant cleared of large scale Oyster Card Fraud where TfL alleged corruption of the database and cloning by Louise’s client an employee of TfL for 15 years.

R v V & 5 Others

Defendant cleared of conspiring with local businessmen in mortgage fraud.

R v I & Others

Organised fraud against credit card companies. 28 suspects. 19 charged. Fraudsters targeted payment protection facilities offered by credit card companies. Lloyds TSB targeted in multi-jurisdictional asset dissipation alleged. 3-month trial.

R v A

Over £1 million claimed fraudulently via the disability access to work scheme. A claimed to have set up the business with his partner to help the disabled. Investigators uncovered sham jobs. DWP prosecution.

R v D

International fraudsters targeted Barclays Premier Accounts for over a million pounds, approached employees of Barclays at networking events before recruiting them for fraud.

R v B

Police discovered £1 million pounds alleged proceeds from £53 million Kent Securitas Robbery in traceable Bank of England notes in company director’s car. International money laundering suspected on a large scale. Judge noted “it is not every day a man is found with a million pounds in his boot”.

R v B & Others

5 accused in fresh air invoice scam against RBS.

R v B & Others

Multi million pound Trading Standards prosecution. Fake golf clubs imported from International jurisdictions, China and Thailand. “E Bay” fraud. Complicated asset tracing.

R v E & 8 Others

Accused cleared of Fraud on several clearing banks and Next plc the clothing company.

Murder & Manslaughter

Louise has considerable experience in defending all crimes that result in the loss of life. She has particularly experience in cases of notoriety and sensitivity. Brutal facts and difficult defences do not faze her, she is described as a “fearless and formidable advocate, who combines skill and hard work” Legal 500. Band 2 Crime C&P

She is particularly sought out in joint enterprise murder cases, cases involving the cross examination of vulnerable witnesses or those involving complex medical evidence.

Notable Murder & Manslaughter Cases:


Not guilty verdicts on allegations of murder, manslaughter and assisting an offender in gangland contract killing.


Rising football star found not guilty at Old Bailey of tit for tat “ride out” murder where an innocent man was stabbed multiple times in the street on the way home from work by “gang” of youths. Made more difficult as defendants sought to blame each other.


Man part of convey of two cars cleared of stabbing male in revenge murder at Old Bailey. 8 Defendants.


Mother cleared of murder of her toddler son. Harrowing recordings of suffering of child led to national media attention.  Manslaughter verdict.

R-v-K (Jodie Chesney Murder)

15 year old boy cleared of joint enterprise murder. Hugely emotive case that received intense media scrutiny. Old Bailey.


Successful submission of no case. Dispute between rival factions of travelling community. Attempted murder with machetes, knives and bill hooks. Cell site evidence successfully undermined.

R v S

Man cleared of murder joint enterprise murder. Horrific footage of brutal stabbing caught on residential CCTV.

R v H

37 year old man found not guilty of a joint enterprise murder committed in broad daylight said to be provoked by fall out at wake. Stabbing. CCTV images successfully challenged. Anonymous child eye witnesses.


Father accused of baby shaking murder. 35 fractures and 3 separate episodes of cerebral brain damage. Complex Medical expertise. Vulnerable and young witnesses, autistic sibling age 10 and younger sister age 7.

R v JR

Decapitation murder reduced to manslaughter: diminished responsibility alcoholic dependency syndrome. Complex medical evidence. Emotive domestic violence motive challenged. A-G reference sentence resisted.

R v G & Others

Polish mother cleared in baby murder case. 7-week-old baby died of head injuries that suggest deliberate assault. Complex medical evidence, multiple experts: age of haemorrhages, age of bone fractures, specialist paediatric consultants.

R-v-S & Others

Albanian male cleared of stabbing two males with machete. Witness gave evidence over live link from hospital due to loss of bowel and lower intestine.

R-V-MP & Others

Arson and Murder; represented MP who was convicted of manslaughter after “botched fire plan” that led to the death of his six children at his Derby home. Intensive media interest. Live coverage of trial in specially set up press room. The case involved extensive bad character, complex new “petrol branding” science, covert recordings and hundreds of witnesses.


R v R & Others

Gang violence: 40 Somali youths stab rival in front of terrified crowd at Camden tube station. Complex CCTV and mobile phone defence reconstruction of alternative narrative so that defendant was cleared of murder.

R-V-H & Others

Teenage couple plan execution of mother and leave her dismembered body to be discovered by playmates from estate in the airing cupboard. Diminished responsibility.

Serious Sexual Offences

Louise is unafraid of difficult cases. She is highly sought after due to her wealth of experience and successful track record. She is demand when reputations are at stake, there are complex legal arguments or expert evidence is required. Louise excels in cross examination of vulnerable witnesses.

Louise’s high profile cases are extensive but include the successful representation of a serving Lord Mayor, a Coronation Street star, business leaders, teachers, sports and medical professionals accused of serious sexual offences and other cases of difficulty or attracting intense media interest. (e.g. Police, “Tech” millionaire or Operation Clover and Operation Malbec below)

“Has an absolutely indomitable approach to the case which is seemingly undeterred by the difficulties presented and yields very good results” (Chambers and Partners)

“Very good especially for sex and grooming cases.(Chambers and Partners)

Has lectured for the British Medical Association (BMA) on disclosure.

Expert in cross examination of vulnerable witnesses.

Teaches advocacy for vulnerable witnesses Gray’s Inn.

Serious Sexual Offences Case Highlights

Historic cases include Operation Clover, Operation Silk and Operation Nautical (Oxford CC) Operation Malbec and from indecent images found in dark web.


Secured community order for 25 year-old man who had downloaded over 1500 indecent images from the dark web, one third of which were Category A and some were moving images.

R-v- F

Businessman cleared of historic rape allegations by multiple complainant’s unknown to each other.

R -V-G

Tech billionaire cleared of sexual assault; a case made more difficult due to D’s previous conviction for same offence.

R-v- C

“Shamanic healer” cleared of rape allegations made by multiple complaints.

R-v- P

Retired army major, 92 years old, cleared of historic allegations after successful abuse of process application.


Serving police officer cleared of rape after successful representations made post arraignment.

R-v- M

Not guilty verdict in one of first CPS prosecutions for “rape by stealth”

R –v- AT

Operation Malbec: Doctor accused of sexually motivated examinations of multiple patients. Historic allegations between 15-30 years old. Previous adverse GMC findings. Huge press interest.

R-v- H

19 year old student found not guilty of sexual assault allegations made after music festival.

R-v-Y and others

Operation Silk: Multiple complaint allegations made against family man. Historic offences. Child sexual offences. Grooming.

R –v- A and others

Operation Nautical: family man found not guilty of sex allegations: historic offences, multiple defendants, child sexual grooming offences.

R-v- F and others

historic family abuse case where both parents and elder brother accused of sexual offences and child cruelty of 5 children, allegations spanned three different local authorities and more than 35 years. Vast and complex disclosure.


Head Teacher accused of grooming and cyber offences relating to pupil at his school.

R-v- S

Businessman is cleared of historic sexual abuse, serving police officer complainant made allegations after 23 years.

Operation Clover 1 and 2:

Offences arising from Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal as detailed in the Jay Report 2014 suggesting there could be 1400 victims of CSE in Rotherham. National media interest. The trials were closely followed by the IPCC, Rotherham Social Services, and other agencies in the light of allegations of corruption.

R –v- D

Lord Mayor who was forced to stand down from office when accused, cleared of historic sex abuse allegations.

R-v TG

Priest admitted downloading more than 5000 images of child abuse was given a suspended prison sentence.


Celebrity photographer is accused of campaign of rape and sexual abuse of models. Defendant claimed Terry Richardson, who provokes debate for his overtly sexualised images of women, inspired his photographs.


Coronation Street star cleared of Café de Paris nightclub rape of 21-year-old student. National press interest.


Louise brings more than two decades of experience at all levels of the criminal justice system to her appellate practice.

She has particular expertise for those whose mental health defences have been overlooked. Alcohol and drugs dependency, PTSD, ex service personnel.

Sexual Offence Appeals, especially those involving medical evidence or complex unused material.

Fresh evidence appeals.

She is available to give a second opinion at short notice where required in conviction or sentence cases.

Notable appeals cases

AG Ref

Attorney requested leave to appeal sentence for man in manslaughter diminished responsibility, alcohol dependency syndrome proven.

Appeal of SW

Successful appeal from Blackfriars CC of IPP imposed for shooting by gang at Harlesden Tube Station.

Appeal of W

Murder conviction, fresh medical evidence appellant’s gulf war PTS.

Appeal of W

Successful fresh evidence appeal. Soldier, after returning from service abroad, accused of historic sex allegations. Inadequate third party disclosure led to failure of justice at the trial. Man freed on appeal.

Professional Discipline

Louise brings more than two decades of experience as a criminal defence advocate to her disciplinary work.

She sits as a Legally Qualified Chair for the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service maintaining standards and discipline for Doctors.

Louise represents medical professionals in criminal proceedings.

Psychiatric and medical causation.

Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Sexual Offences.

Health care sector: GDC, GMC, NMC and GphC.

Health & Safety

Louise is experienced in representing defendants in health and safety cases including gross negligence manslaughter cases.

She has appeared in cases involving deaths and serious injury in the work place.

Particular expertise in fire science and emerging science in petrol brand identification in arson related allegations.

Civil Asset Recovery & Forfeiture

Louise has conducted a number of complex cases in this area.

Notable civil asset recovery & forfeiture cases

R v I

Operation Mecklenberger, 80 Million Euros laundered from merchant credit cash back fraud. Leading Junior.

R v Z

Operation Peltier, Organised crime, Hungarian people traffickers and nationwide brothel network dissipate assets through Eastern Europe.

R v I

Illegal pharmaceuticals profits laundered across continents.

R v Denton

Man known as the “Spider” hidden assets alleged in Portugal, France and China. Profits from multi million pound VAT carousel fraud and Barclays Bank account fraud found in thorough financial inquiry. Life style assumptions avoided.

R v Bowrem

International restraint and confiscation. SOCA prosecution. Avoided life style inquiry assumptions to save family assets.

R v Bellchambers & Others

Multi million pound restraint and confiscation with offshore hidden assets. International jurisdictions, including China, Thailand and Australia. Trading Standards prosecution.

R v B

Multi million pound restraint and confiscation, offshore hidden assets arising out of fresh air invoice fraud. International jurisdictions, Dubai and Liechtenstein asset disposal. SFO prosecution.


Pre-charge advice and representations

Louise has notable success when instructed to advise individuals before charge in relation to serious sexual offences. Her trial experience brings a huge advantage when providing early advice and drafting representations to persuade the police and CPS not to pursue charges. She inspires confidence and trust, when decisions may take a long time, for a man accused to get on with his life.

Notable Advisory Cases:

R-v- H

Man accused of by ex-wife sexual offences in context of coercive and controlling relationship. Representations to CPS to not bring charges were successful.

R -v- X

Met police officer accused of “date rape” Representations to prosecution to discontinue the case post arraignment, after unused material revealed serious problems with the prosecution evidence, were successful.

R-v- S

19 year old “fresher” student accused of rape. Advised S through the university investigation. Representations to CPS to not bring charges were successful.


GP accused by patient of sexual offences. Advised the GP during GMC investigation. Representations to CPS to not bring charges were successful.

R -v-X

Surgeon accused of sexual offences by colleague with whom he had affair. Advised during GMC investigation. Successful representations to GMC, led to no formal allegations.

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