2 Bedford Row offers up to four 12 month pupillages per annum.

Upon completion of 12 months pupillage, Chambers practice is to invite some, or all pupils, to complete a further six months pupillage prior to consideration of any tenancy applications. In exceptional circumstances a tenancy application will be considered after completion of 12 months pupillage.

Pupils will receive a sum of £30,000 over the course of their 12 months in Chambers. This will be made up of a grant of £15,000, payable during the first six months and a guaranteed income of £15,000 during the second six months.

First Six

Pupils at 2 Bedford Row have the opportunity to work on high profile cases with some of the leading criminal practitioners in the country. Pupils spend their first six in the company of their pupil supervisor; usually attending Court every day. They will also assist other members of Chambers so that they are exposed to as many different areas of Chambers’ expertise as possible.

Second & Third Sixes

During their 12 months ‘on their feet’, pupils appear on a daily basis in the Magistrates’, Crown and Youth Courts in a wide variety of criminal matters.


We aim to recruit tenants from our own pool of pupils. Those who have not been successful have almost invariably found a tenancy in good chambers elsewhere.

Pupillage Applications (Commencing 2021) Timetable

Our pupillage application Round is now closed. If your application has been successful, we will be in touch in due course.  Due to the high numbers of applications received this year, we regret we are unable to provide feedback. If you have any queries regarding the process, please contact the Chambers Administrator: ACampbell@2Bedfordrow.co.uk

Applicants are also encouraged to complete an equality and diversity monitoring form. This does not form part of your application (and will not be seen by the assessment panel) but will help us comply with the Bar Standards Board’s Equality Rules. The data gathered from the anonymised forms will also allow us to be confident that our systems and processes are as inclusive as possible. Completed forms should be emailed to gateway@2Bedfordrow.co.uk


First round interviews will be held between 9th and 16th March 2020. Second stage interviews will be held on 28th March 2020 with offers being made on 30th March 2020.

Chambers looks to recruit pupils who display the following qualities:

  • Commitment to criminal law
  • Sound academic background
  • Persuasiveness in both written and oral argument
  • Passion and flair for advocacy

In selecting our pupils, 2 Bedford Row has a two stage interviewing process. The first round interview is a 10 – 15 minute informal interview conducted by a small panel of tenants. This interview aims to get to know you better and questions are generally based on your application form.

If invited for a second round interview, the candidate will be given an advocacy exercise to perform, such as a plea in mitigation. This will be followed by a more rigorous and demanding 20 minute interview, conducted by a larger panel of tenants.

Third Six Pupillage Applications

Chambers is actively seeking third six pupils. Applications should be sent to Allan Compton (ACompton@2Bedfordrow.co.uk) and should consist of a CV and covering letter. Paper applications cannot be accepted. All 3rd six pupils are eligible to apply for tenancy on completion of their 3rd six.

Mini Pupillage


Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the 2 Bedford Row Mini-pupillage scheme is on hold.  We will review this decision shortly. Please do not submit applications for mini-pupillages at this time. Your application will not be considered.


We offer mini pupillages of one week duration but are flexible as to when you can conduct your mini-pupillage. We encourage applications from students who are in their second or third year at University; postgraduates; and to those who are considering applying to us for pupillage in the next recruitment cycle.

Assessment for mini-pupillage will be based upon three criteria:

  • Commitment/dedication to the criminal bar
  • Insight into the areas of practice within chambers
  • Advocacy

Applications should be sent to Rhys Rosser. The application should contain a Curriculum Vitae and a covering letter – both documents should each be no longer than one page maximum in length.

Places are usually given between 4 and 6 months after an application is received should it be successful.

All correspondence concerning mini-pupillages should be sent to Rhys Rosser mini-Pupillages@2bedfordrow.co.uk

Due to the confidential nature of our work and restrictions at some courts, we are unable to offer mini-pupillages to anyone under the age of 18.

Court Locations