Murder acquittal – Craig Rush Leading Shauna Ritchie

Craig Rush, leading Shauna Ritchie, instructed by Michael Rees of JSPS Solicitors, secured the acquittal of Anthony Smith on charges of Murder and Dwelling Burglary following a five week trial at Inner London Crown Court.

It was alleged that Anthony Smith, and his co-defendant, had burgled the home of Albert Williams in Southend, Essex on two occasions in August 2015. On the second occasion they were alleged to have beaten Mr Williams to death and set fire to the property to cover the crime.

The case hinged on complex trace DNA evidence said to belong to Anthony Smith. The scientific evidence was described as being “at the very edge of what can be done at the edge of a rapidly expanding area of science”, and required the calling of four expert witnesses.

The defendants were convicted of an earlier burglary at the same property, having both admitted in evidence that they had stolen cash from the flat a few weeks before the murder took place.

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