Richard Whittam QC prosecuted Royal Marine Commando Ciaran Maxwell at the Central Criminal Court

Ciaran Maxwell was a serving marine when he was arrested in August 2015 at Norton Manor Camp in Taunton. Police searches revealed he had 43 hides of ammunition and explosives in eight locations, one of which was in Devon, the remainder in Northern Ireland.  He had in his possession or had constructed, two anti-personnel mines, one complete and parts for another explosively formed projectile [‘EFP’s], 29 complete firing systems, 33 initiators including two military initiators, fully constructed detonators and component parts for further improvised explosive devices. Four of the devices he had made were deployed in Northern Ireland.  In addition he had 397 rounds of ammunition, 137 blank rounds, four British Army magazines and almost 30 metres of detonating cord that he had taken whilst he was a Marine.  He admitted to having links with a Republican dissident.

At the Central Criminal Court on Monday 31 July, Mr Justice Sweeney sentenced Ciaran Maxwell to 18 years imprisonment at a sentence hearing that lasted for four days.

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