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2 Bedford Row hosts a dazzling array of leading criminal advocates.

Chambers & Partners 2014

At 2 Bedford Row we wrote the book on Cyber Security: Law and Practice.

The pace of growth in digital advancement is historically unprecedented, and with this comes both opportunity and risk. Our barristers are able to advise on Cyber Law in a criminal and civil context. Whether it is protection from cyber attack, or strategic advice on data protection and privacy obligations, we have the right people to help you.

Our criminal expertise is well known, and we are properly placed to advise on cyber fraud, offences under the Computer Misuse Act 1990, and data use offences. Whether in this jurisdiction or abroad, 2 Bedford Row has a wealth of experience in both defending and prosecuting high profile criminal cases.

In a civil context, Sam Thomas co-authored the text-book that addresses the current legal framework in relation to civil liabilities and redress; cyber property; employer liability and protection; and commercial espionage.

2 Bedford Row is able to advise on responding to a data breach; investigating incidents and powers of investigation; and remedial steps to mitigate loss. Whether it is identifying cyber risks that your business faces, and the means to protect against those risks, or responding through crisis management, we have a multitude of experienced practitioners able to manage a situation expeditiously and discreetly.

Looking to the future, 2 Bedford Row can provide independent oversight and assurance in relation to your compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), and the Data Protection 2018. If working across multiple jurisdictions, we can provide insight into the measures necessary under UK and EU legislation, and potential conflicts with data sovereignty provisions in the US and Asia.

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