Operation Alpington

Kieran Galvin was junior Counsel for the principal defendant in “Operation Alpington” a trial spanning 66 days at the Central Criminal Court. This trial was the result of a two year investigation by the Metropolitan Police’s Special Casework Directorate. It concerned allegations of large scale international drug dealing and relied upon long term surveillance, intrusive probe evidence and the testimony of a Colombian ‘supergrass’. Four defendants were acquitted and the jury were unable to reach a verdict on Mr. Galvin’s client. On 4th June 2007 the Crown offered no evidence against Mr. Galvin’s client and a verdict of not guilty was entered. The defence team took the lead in the cross-examination of the principal Crown witness and relied upon substantial research made into the motives of Colombians and professional criminals associated with drug cartels in Latin America. The Crown also offered no evidence on the same day against a further seven defendants who were to stand trial facing major drug dealing allegations made by the same ‘supergrass’.

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