Jim Sturman QC and Christine Agnew QC appear in IAAF ethics Board case arising out of the Russian doping scandal

Jim Sturman QC and Christine Agnew QC appeared before a Panel of the Ethics Board of the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) representing ND and JB-D respectively.

ND admitted breaches of the IAAF rules but denied corruptly receiving payments from the former head of the IAAF. ND was found by the Panel not to have acted in a corrupt manner when he accepted the payments. Whilst he was expelled from his position in the IAAF the Panel did not consider it appropriate to ban Mr Davies from taking part in other Athletics related activities and he is permitted to work within the sport.

JB-D admitted the charges she faced and was suspended from her position at the IAAF for six months which, when backdated to the date of her suspension allows her to return to her work at the IAAF immediately. Neither JBD or ND was found to have been involved in any “cover up” of positive doping tests.

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