Jack Wilshire street attack trial

Tony Wyatt, instructed by Scott Ewing of David Philips and Partners Solicitors, acted on behalf of the first Defendant, BM, in the much publicised trial of two men drawn into a violent confrontation by the actions of Arsenal and England footballer Jack Wilshire.

Charged with affray, BM was accused by the Crown of re-igniting an earlier incident by attacking a companion of Wilshire and it was suggested that it was BM’s actions that led to a ‘second phase’ of the incident in which two of his friends were kicked and stamped upon whilst on the floor, leading to permanent disability in one.

It was successfully argued that there was no such ‘second phase’ and that the attack was ongoing when BM used violence to defend both himself and his friends. The force used was deemed reasonable in response to the attack by Wilshire and his friends, and BM was acquitted on all counts.

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