David Thomas & Robert Flach

Chambers is saddened to announce the deaths of two former members David Thomas and Robert Flach.

David Thomas was a door tenant who was acknowledged to be the foremost authority on sentencing policy in the country and who edited the Thomas on Sentencing acknowledged as the leading reference work on the topic. David was committed to pro bono work and no letter from a prisoner would ever go unanswered by him. To lead him in the Court of Appeal was to a sobering experience as his knowledge of the law always far outstripped your own.

Robert was one of the greatest advocates of his generation and continued in practice until he was 87, he appeared in all the high profile cases of his time deploying his skill in cross examination and his brilliant jury speeches to great effect. He lived life in the fast lane and his fund of anecdotes will be retold for generations to come.

They will both be missed and our thoughts and condolences go to Elizabeth and Margaret and their families.

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