Counterfeit pharmaceutical fraud acquittal

Charles Conway and Jamas Hodivala, instructed by Dennis Clarke at Clarke Kiernan solicitors, secured the acquittal of one of five defendants in a prosecution brought by the MHRA which it described in its opening as ‘the most serious breach of EU medicines control there has ever been’. The case involved the importation into the UK and distribution of counterfeit Zyprexa, Casodex and Plavix (medicines used in the treatment of schizophrenia, cancer and heart disease) much of which made its way into the NHS resulting in a Level 1 product recall for all these medicines. The case lasted 4 months involving international evidence and complicated legal submissions, including successful argument on the interpretation of domestic and EU legislation on re-packaging and labelling requirements for parallel importations and the fraud was alleged to have been worth in excess of £7million.

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