Rhys Rosser has a primarily General Crime practice both prosecuting and defending in the Crown and Magistrates’ Court.

Since joining Chambers in March 2018 following successful completion of his Pupillage, Rhys has been instructed in a variety of Crown Court trials such as the Supply of Class A drugs, Armed Robbery and Sexual Offences.

Rhys has a particular specialism in the Youth Court and has deal with a number of serious matters including Section 18 GBH and Robbery. Rhys is well versed in dealing with youth clients and guiding them through the legal procedure and trial process.

In addition to General Crime, Rhys also conducts Motoring trials in the Magistrates’ Court and both prosecutes and defends Cash Forfeiture proceedings. Rhys has built a varied Regulatory practice dealing with cases brought by the SRA, HCPC and TFL.

Prior to joining Chambers, Rhys worked in Portfolio Management at the Royal Bank of Scotland managing a debt book of in excess of £440m. This experience equips Rhys to deal with Fraud and Financial Crime cases due to the financial analysis skills gained in that previous career.


Rhys has conducted various Prosecutions in the Magistrates Court both in the Adult and Youth Courts. He is regularly instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service to Prosecute Appeals against Conviction and Sentence in the Crown Court.

Rhys is well versed in the disclosure requirements associated with both public and private prosecutions, and has compiled Schedules of Unused Material as required by the CPIA.


X v PS (Isleworth Crown Court)
Rhys was the led Junior in the Private Prosecution of a well-known Premiership Footballer for Dangerous Driving.

R v A (Basildon Crown Court)
Rhys successfully applied for the Appeal to be dismissed due to the Defence failing to establish a proper defence in a Road Traffic Appeal.


Rhys has a varied defence practice acting on behalf of individuals charged with a range of offences including violence, drugs, dishonesty and sexual offences.

Rhys has conducted a number of Crown Court Trials in relation to Serious Drug Offences (Supply of Class A), Armed Robbery and Fraud. In addition to conducting trials, Rhys conducts pleas in mitigation. In addition to this, Rhys continues to build on his experience in the Magistrates Court by representing clients in motoring offences such as Drink Driving and Speeding.

Recently, Rhys represented AR who faced a charge of Knife Point Robbery. Having cross-examined the two young witnesses, AR was acquitted of the charge and was able to take up his place at University.

Rhys has acted under a Certificate Counsel for particularly grave and serious crimes in the Youth Court. In the case of CPS v LT (Basildon Youth Court), LT was charged with Section 18 GBH and Possession of an Offensive Weapon having stabbed his neighbour. Rhys was able to persuade the Crown to accept a plea to a Section 20 (without intent) offence and secured LT a Referral Order, avoiding a highly likely custodial sentence.

Rhys has also acted in a number of Parole hearings including drafting references to ensure release is achieved as early as practicable.


R v AR (2018): AR was jointly charged with committing a knife point robbery. After cross-examination of the complainant and independent witness, in addition to complex legal argument, AR was acquitted of the charge whilst his co-Defendant was convicted.

R v DJ (2018): DJ was acquitted after trial of racially aggravated harassment despite the evidence of two live witnesses; the Jury returned with their verdict in less than 7 minutes.

R v LH (2018): LH was acquitted of burgling her ex-partner’s address as well as stealing a phone from his car.

R v CW (2018): CW pleaded Guilty on the day of trial to £1000 of drug dealing, despite the sentencing guidelines CW received a sentence of 3 years custody.

R v DR (2018): DR had pleaded Guilty to an offence of fraud and despite having received 3 years custody for a like offence, Rhys secured him a Suspended Sentence Order.

R v AP (2017): AP had 6 previous convictions for possession of a knife but was acquitted at half-time despite live evidence from two prosecution witnesses.

R v YB (2017): YB was charged with a knife-point Robbery, however Rhys was able to ensure he received an out of court disposal for a lesser offence.

R v RS (2017): Having drafted a lengthy skeleton argument in respect of hearsay evidence, the Crown offered no evidence against RS on the basis of Rhys’ submissions.

R v PH (2017): After a 3 day trial with cross-examination of the Complainant and her mother, PH was acquitted of breaching a Court order unanimously by the Jury after 48 minutes in retirement.




Rhys has conducted a number of Appeals in the Crown Court where the Defendants have been convicted in the Magistrates Court. His extensive experience of conducting trials in the Magistrates Court leaves him well-placed to advise as to the merits of any appeal against conviction or sentence.


R v TF (2017): TF was a man of good character who had been convicted in the Magistrates Court. Rhys successfully argued that the continued Prosecution was an Abuse of Process and the Appeal was allowed.

R v AT (2017): AT had been convicted of Common Assault in the Magistrates Court after hearing evidence from his ex-girlfriend. After the admission of previous false allegations made by the alleged victim, AT’s appeal against conviction was allowed.



Rhys has prosecuted and defended in Cash Forfeiture proceedings in the Magistrates Court and his careful financial analysis has often led to inaccuracies being identified in documents prepared by financial advisers.

Rhys is well versed in the Proceeds of Crime Act and the drafting of Section 17/18 statements in relation to confiscation proceedings. In addition to this, Rhys is regularly instructed to act on behalf of individuals appearing in the Magistrates Court for enforcement proceedings.


HMRC v JN (2017): Rhys drafted various skeleton arguments in relation to the admissibility of evidence and settled the case for a sum which was appropriate on the basis of the evidence.

CPS v SA (2017): Despite the case having been adjourned several times, Rhys was able to obtain a number of further adjournments to ensure SA kept her liberty and was able to make appropriate repayments.


Rhys conducts hearings before a variety of disciplinary panels. In particular, Rhys deals with healthcare bodies who are considering either interim orders or what sanction to make during substantive hearings.

As well as dealing with disciplinary proceedings, Rhys represents those who are being pursued in the criminal courts such as by the Law Society and SRA.

Having spent time with a well-known London Solicitors firm during pupillage, Rhys is experienced in proceedings brought by the HSE, GMC and FCA.


CPS Level 1 (2017)
Sunley Prize, Inner Temple (2016)
BPTC, BPP Law School (2014-2015)
Advocacy Scholarship (BPTC), BPP Law School (2015)
Major Scholarship, Inner Temple (2014)
Duke of Edinburgh Award, Inner Temple (2014)
QD Law & Business, Warwick University (2010-2014)
Warwick Working Capital Award (2013)