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Nick Bonehill

Call 2006
  • Registered Pupil Supervisor
  • LLB Hons
  • Direct Access Qualified

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Nick Bonehill is instructed in a wide range of cases across the Criminal Law spectrum.

Nick specialises in particular in complicated POCA matters (both old and new law) and has been instructed in a number of high value fraud cases over the last few years. He has particular experience in representing vulnerable defendants.

Nick also has particular expertise in cases involving cell site evidence, non-accidental child injury and complicated medical/post mortem issues. Nick is regularly instructed in cases involving voluminous pages of banking and other specialist evidence.

Nick is consistently instructed by a number of unions to represent their members in both the criminal and in house disciplinary tribunals.

Nick is direct access qualified.

Practice Areas


Nick undertakes a large amount of advisory work and has recently been instructed to appeal cases directly to the CCRC and to appeal an array of different decisions including the safety of ‘old convictions’ and advice as to applications to appeal minimum life terms.

Recently, he has been instructed to advise a national charity as to their potential liability for alleged sexual offences committed in the 1970s.


Nick has successfully appealed a number of cases and is often instructed after the first instance decision or verdict that is to be appealed. Nick also undertakes appellant advisory work and has advised on cases that have been taken up by the CCRC.

Notable appeals cases

R v G

Successful Appeal regarding the terms of an ASBO.

R v A

Successful appeal against sentence in an Aggravated Burglary.

R v A

Successful application to the CCRC. Murder reduced to manslaughter.

R v H

Decrease of Murder tariff.


Nick deals with large confiscation cases under both the old and new law. Nick is often instructed in these cases due to his ability to forensically analyse and process significant amounts of information quickly and efficiently.

Notable confiscation cases

R v W

POCA value £450,000. Historic case under the ‘old law’.

R v B

POCA value £600,000. Case involving allegations of significant hidden assets.

R v A

POCA value £3.2m.


Nick is instructed in all areas of serious and complex crime. He has a particular understanding of cell site analysis, forensic accounting and digital evidence.

Notable crime cases

R v H

Defence of the alleged ‘inside man” in the £53 million Tonbridge Robbery Case. Case involved careful analysis of over 400 hours of CCTV footage and tens of thousands of pages of cell site evidence.

R v K

8 Count indictment against a mother alleging serious unexplained injuries to her 2 children aged 5 and 9 months.

R v H

Conspiracy to steal a lorry full of firearms.


Nick has specialised for a number of years in representing those accused of offences under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Nick has appeared in the Magistrates Court, Crown Court and Court of Appeal in relation to cases of this type.

Notable environmental cases

R v G

Case involving the illegal dumping of tyres that caused a significant fire on a London train line casing the track to be closed for 3 days at huge public expense. Subsequently heard in the Court of Appeal.

R v H

Significant advisory work to a multi national company accused of a variety of offences under the 1990 Act over a 9 year period.


Nick has been instructed in a number of high value, high profile fraud trials over the last 10 years. Nick has been instructed to advise individuals, companies and other corporate entities as to their potential liability and criminality in all areas of fraudulent accusations.

Notable fraud cases

R v C

£6 million wills and probate fraud with cross jurisdictional issues and specialist computer, cell site and forensic banking evidence.

R v O

£4 million Note and Coin Counterfeiting Fraud. 8 handed case with over 300 hours of undercover surveillance evidence.

R v G

£1 million fraud against a large London Housing Association.

Murder & Manslaughter

Nick has dealt with a number of high profile murder trials and cases involving serious allegations of violence both as a led junior and junior alone.

Nick is regularly instructed in cases alleging Murder, Attempted Murder and Manslaughter. He is well versed in dealing with cases involving issue of diminished responsibility, loss of control and other cases where there is an underlying Mental Health issue.

Nick is able to deal with complicated issues raised by pathology, forensics and the analysis of blood and other substances at crime scenes.

Notable murder & manslaughter cases

R v T

The Pitsea horse sanctuary murder. Widely reported in the press.

R v W

Attempted Murder and 5 counts of GBH with intent. 20 witnesses for the Crown including an alleged “cell confession”.

Professional Discipline

Nick regularly advises and represents those facing disciplinary proceedings. Nick often deals with the criminal allegations in the domestic courts as well as the in house disciplinary proceedings. Nick has acted for and on behalf of serving police officers, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists and an array of other national unions.

Notable professional discipline cases

R v K

Serving Police officer alleged to have caused a serious RTA whilst driving a marked police vehicle on call.

R v G

Serving Police office alleged to have downloaded a number of indecent images and used the Police National Computer for his own personal use.

R v T

Allegation against Dr of malpractice.

R v S

Nurse alleged to have been stealing from and abusing patients in a care home.

Road Traffic

Nick often deals with complicated Road Traffic Act offences both at first instance and at subsequent appeal court hearings.

Serious Sexual Offences

Nick deals with all cases involving sexual allegations. He is regularly instructed in cases involving serious sexual allegations including allegations involving young Complainant’s and Defendant’s alike.

Nick is consistently instructed by a number of unions to represent their members in both the criminal and in house disciplinary tribunals.

Notable serious sexual offences cases

R v M

9 counts of rape.

R v A

8 counts of rape indictment.

R v B

4 counts of rape indictment.

R v X

15 counts of historic rape.

R v S

13 year old boy with severe personality disorder accused of penetrative acts with a 7 year old girl.

R v A

16 year old boy accused of penetrative acts with a 13 year old girl who had a history of severe mental health difficulties.

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