Michael Wolkind QC

Year of Call: 1976  Silk: 1999  


Michael Wolkind QC is a specialist in serious crime and criminal appeals.

Michael has been instructed in some of the most most high profile and notorious cases. He also has great experience in the Court of Appeal and enjoyed considerable success there.

He will fight to rescue those who have been wrongly convicted or face any charges which threaten their reputation or position.

He represented the Norfolk Farmer, Tony Martin, in his winning murder appeal and has had convictions in other murder and serious criminal matters quashed, as well as winning appeals for smaller convictions and on sentence.

He brings a sharpness and innovative approach to his representation of any defendant or appellant, whatever the charge.

In addition to his Criminal practice, Michael is increasingly instructed in a variety of Regulatory work, including Sports Law, Tribunal work such as the GMC, and Inquests.


In September (2014), Michael successfully acted for Greenpeace defendants who were acquitted of Criminal Damage after they climbed and then daubed the chimney at Kingsnorth Power Station. This was the first time that “climate change” had been presented as a Lawful Excuse. The Defence was selected by The New York Times as one of the “ideas that defined the year 2008 and will change our lives”.

He also recently represented the first defendant, (Waheed Ali), in the trial of the 7/7 conspirators, where the jury were unable to reach a verdict. He also acted for the ringleader of a plot by “Islamic terrorists” to kidnap and behead a Moslem soldier serving in the British Army. The execution was then to be shown on the internet.

Michael has acted in many other “notorious” cases, including David Copeland the London Nail Bomber, who targeted Gays, Asians and Black persons, Tony Martin the Norfolk farmer in his successful appeal and Daniel Hanson the killer of the Chelsea banker John Monckton. He represented the school caretaker, Miles Cooper, who conducted a campaign of letter bombings against scientific organizations connected to the government.

He has also represented over many years, defendants alleged to be top Gangland leaders, including Pat Adams, Tommy Adams and Tony White.

Other notable cases include; a dismemberment ‘nagging wife’ provocation (Boyce), the pedophile killing of a six year old boy (Morss), the killing of a brother where the jury refused to convict, even after a change of plea in front of them, (Jennings), the slaughter of four family members (Adedour), the religious ritual killing of a teenage girl (Malik), the execution of a jeweler during an armed robbery (Kendall), a 13 year old girl charged with murdering her baby sibling twins and her mother (Lynch), the woman charged with a ‘fatal attraction’ murder (Sampat), a middle aged professional man accused of a road rage murder after suffering a racist attack (Janjirker), a teenager charged with killing his abusive stepfather (Keaveney), a sex murder from 27 years earlier(Doherty), the prison killing of sex-abuser by serving ‘lifer’ (Johnson), the man who killed the nurse on a cigarette break in her hospital grounds (Harling). He has also acted in many ‘contract killing’ trials. He has led in Turkish and Libyan terrorist cases, and he advised in the Lockerbie bombing. He acted for the BNP leader charged with causing explosions (Lecomber)and for one of the ‘Stephen Lawrence’ defendants (Dobson). He has appeared in Privy Council Capital murder cases and, in fraud, has acted for lawyers, accountants, and bankers. He is currently instructed in a massive banking mortgage fraud. He also represented the Romanian lawyer involved in a visa entry fraud that led to the resignation of a Cabinet Minister.

In February 2008 he successfully defended a drug dealer charged with murder, who fought back against a gang of robbers.

Michael acted for OK who stood trial in a notorious sex-ring case that lasted 8 weeks at Oxford Crown Court. The prosecution alleged that he committed the most serious offences of any of the accused. He was acquitted of all 6 counts.  [June 2016]

Michael acted for a father accused of serious sexual offences against his adopted daughter. The prosecution alleged he committed a variety of offences over a 6 year period. The jury at Lincoln speedily acquitted him of all 9 counts he faced. [June 2016]

Michael was instructed to appeal a sentence for a young man convicted of murder and was successful at the Court of Appeal who reduced the term of imprisonment by 4 years. [June 2016]


Michael has acted for the family of the actor Mark Blanco who died after an altercation with the singer Pete Doherty and his friends. The police sought a verdict of suicide or accidental death, but after Michael’s cross-examination the Coroner halted proceedings, returned an Open Verdict and ordered a new investigation by an independent force.

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  • “Brilliant at cross-examination and one of the best jury advocates.” Legal 500 2016


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