Callum Munday

Year of Call: 2017  


Callum defends and prosecutes in the Crown Court, magistrates’ courts, and youth courts on a daily basis.

Callum represents clients in a wide range of criminal proceedings for offences involving violence (including domestic violence), firearms, offensive weapons, supplying Class A drugs, robbery, burglary, and fraud – as well as motoring offences and offences of a sexual nature.

In addition to his criminal practice, Callum accepts instructions in quasi-criminal matters such as confiscation and enforcement, and has represented a number of clients in proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

Callum also accepts instructions in professional discipline and regulatory matters, as well as prosecutions brought by local and highways authorities.


Callum accepts regular instructions to prosecute on behalf of the Crown Prosecution Service and Probation Service. He conducts all types of hearing in the Crown Court and magistrates’ courts, including trials, sentencing hearings, and preliminary hearings, as well as appeals against conviction and sentence.

Callum also accepts instructions to prosecute in proceedings brought by local and highways authorities.


Callum frequently represents clients in the Crown Court, magistrates’ courts, and youth courts for all types of hearing. He has particular experience in trials and sentencing hearings, as well as bail applications, first appearances, and applications relating to motoring offences such as exceptional hardship and special reasons.

Callum regularly defends clients charged with all manner of offences, from burglary to the supply of drugs, possessing offensive weapons to assault, and from drink driving to speeding.


  • R v KM: KM was a youth client charged, along with two others, of knife and firearms offences, as well as aggravated vehicle-taking. Despite the sentencing guidelines, Callum was able to secure a non-custodial sentence after trial, with KM being acquitted of possessing one knife.
  • R v CC: CC was charged with stalking and harassment of an ex-partner. Callum pursued the Crown’s disclosure failings, leading to CC being acquitted and released from custody.
  • R v CJ: CJ has pleaded guilty to supplying Class A drugs and was being pursued in confiscation proceedings under POCA 2002. Callum was able to negotiate the ‘benefit figure’ down by over £125,000.
  • R v SD & AB: SD and AB were partners jointly charged with assaulting police officers and criminal damage. Both were acquitted after Callum exposed large disclosure failings by the police and CPS.
  • R v JS: JS was a youth client who pleaded guilty to supplying Class A and B drugs, possessing a machete, and causing actual bodily harm. Callum was able to secure a non-custodial sentence.
  • R v SW: SW was accused of harassing his previous partner. After cross-examination of the complainant and both her parents, SW was acquitted after trial.
  • R v JJ: JJ was charged with burglary and the Crown proceeded to trial in his absence. Nonetheless, Callum was able to persuade the Court that there was insufficient evidence, and JJ was acquitted.

Road Traffic

Callum regularly accepts instructions to represent clients charged with all motoring offences – from speeding to dangerous driving, as well as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Callum has particular experience in trials, as well as exceptional hardship and special reasons applications.



  • R v AH: AH pleaded guilty to permitting his car to be driven with no insurance. Callum persuaded the Court to impose an absolute discharge.
  • R v MT: MT was a new driver who pleaded guilty to driving over double the speed limit. Callum was able to persuade the Court to impose a short 14-day disqualification rather than revoke MT’s licence.
  • R v BO: BO was charged with drink driving. After cross-examination of the police officers, Callum was able to secure BO’s acquittal by demonstrating the intoximeter procedures had not been followed correctly.



Criminal Bar Association
Young Fraud Lawyers Association


CPS Grade 1
Bar Professional Training Course
MA (Cantab)