Ashraf Khan is widely acknowledged by the legal directories as a leading specialist defence barrister for cases that involve allegations of serious criminal behaviour. He is frequently instructed by criminal Solicitors across the country in highly contentious complex cases which require intense preparation and skilled presentation in court.

Ashraf has a national defence practice, which includes a case load of some of the biggest and most high profile cases seen in recent times. His extensive experience of litigation covers a wide spectrum of cases; including homicide, firearms, serious sexual offences, large scale organised crime and offences involving price fixing, insider dealing, corruption, cartel, human and drugs trafficking, money laundering and high value serious fraud. He is often instructed at the earliest stages of major investigations to give clients the benefit of his advice and assistance during what is often a critical stage in a criminal/regulatory inquiry.

Direct Access work has played a significant part in Ashraf’s practice in recent years. Members of the public can now instruct him directly under the Public Access scheme. For further enquiries, please email him directly on akhan@2bedfordrow.co.uk or speak to his clerks in Chambers. Ashraf advises and represents clients on a full range of criminal and regulatory matters. He has his own dedicated Direct Access website. Please see http://www.ashrafkhan.co.uk

Ashraf is an accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator, A Registered Lawyer with the Football Association (FA) and a registered Practitioner at the Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC). He is also approved to conduct cases at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Civil Asset Recovery & Forfeiture

Ashraf has a wealth of experience in dealing with all aspects of fraud and asset tracing both in the UK and overseas, enabling him to give full support to businesses at times when getting the right advice as swiftly as possible may be crucial. He offers unrivalled experience in all aspects of fraud and international asset tracing.


An essential part of Ashraf’s work is confiscation. Ashraf has an in-depth working knowledge of confiscation proceedings and over the years successfully protected his client’s from draconian confiscation orders.


Ashraf offers clients highly specialised and dedicated representation at all levels of the criminal justice system. He has appeared in Courts throughout England and Wales in cases of the highest national profile because of his ability to provide his lay and professional clients with outstanding legal knowledge, clearly focused and timely advice, and robust and effective advocacy. He offers unrivalled experience and ability in the defence of a wide range of serious and complex criminal cases, including organised crime, serious violence, large scale drug trafficking, terrorism, blackmail, kidnapping, armed robbery.

Over the years Ashraf has built up a vast body of knowledge in relation to the use and interpretation of scientific evidence including DNA, facial mapping, firearms residue and cell-site analysis as well as the presentation and analysis of complex medical evidence.


  • R v GH & 18 Others [2015]: Large scale conspiracy to supply Class A controlled drugs.
  • R v KY & 18 Others (Operation Frank) [2014]: Large scale importation and supply of Class A controlled drugs.
  • R v MH & 18 Others (Operation Alamos) [2014 / 2015]: Large scale importation and supply of Class A controlled drugs.
  • R v RW & 7 Others (Operation Penshurst) [2014 / 2015]: Large scale importation and supply of Class A controlled drugs.
  • R v MW & 8 Others [2014]: Conspiracy to Import and Supply Class A drugs worth £6.6 million.
  • R v MS & 8 Others [2013 / 2014]: Conspiracy to Supply Class A and Money Laundering.
  • R v PS & 11 Others [2013 / 2014]: Large-scale conspiracy to facilitate illegal immigration from the UK into Canada.
  • R v MR & 6 Others [2013 / 2014]: Client alleged to be part of a highly organised crime group facilitating illegal immigration from Bangladesh.
  • R v Imran Mahmood & 35 Others [2013]: Representing one of the main defendants in one of the largest drugs conspiracies prosecuted in the Midlands.
  • R v Donald James & 12 Others: Instructed to represent the defendant charged with evading duty on cigarettes on a substantial scale.
  • R v Roy Tomlinson & 18 Others (Operation Manifest): Defending in large scale and highly organised drugs conspiracy involving organised crime group in Sheffield and Nottingham supplying drugs to North East of England. Defendant acquitted of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.
  • R v Shahnawaz & 8 Others: Defending one of the lead defendants in a multi-million drug trafficking case involving a sophisticated organised criminal group based in North East England.
  • R v John Watson & 8 Others: Representing one of the main defendants in this large scale drugs conspiracy involving millions of pounds of heroin. Defendant acquitted.
  • R v Olushola Oshingbade & 15 Others: Representing one of the defendants charged with conspiracy to facilitate sham marriages between British Nationals and nationals of an African origin for significant profit.
  • R v Paul Tucker & 35 Others (Operation Tartrate): Representing one of the defendants charged with evading duty of cigarette importation on a substantial scale.
  • R v Patricia Williams & 7 Others: Representing lead defendant charged with conspiracy to facilitate illegal immigration on a large scale.
  • R v Nguyen & 23 Others: Client charged with supply of controlled drugs on commercial scale. Case also linked to a separate but linked murder trial.
  • R v Eames & Others [2009]: Defence counsel in large-scale conspiracy to import/export class A drugs and money laundering valued at over £80 million. Case stayed as a result of successful abuse of process application.
  • R v Pedro Joseph & Others [2002]: Defence counsel – Post Office Armed Robbery involving the use of a sawn off shotgun.
  • R v Shabir Hussain & Others [2003]: Representing lead defendant in large scale conspiracy to convert and supply imitation firearms and drug trafficking on a commercial scale. Weapons converted linked to various solved/unsolved murder cases at the time.
  • R v Narinderpal Sohal & Others [2003]: Defendant charged with conspiracy to supply Class A controlled drugs to undercover officers and Money Laundering on a commercial scale.
  • R v Omar Ajaib [2004]: Client alleged to be part of a highly sophisticated drug trafficking criminal enterprise in Birmingham. Defendants charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to supply class A drugs and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
  • R v Adil Khan & Others [2004]: Representing lead defendant charged with Kidnap, false imprisonment and causing grievous bodily harm.
  • R v Rainford & Others [2005]: Large scale drug importation and money laundering.
  • R v Viet Trung Hoang & Others [2006]: Client charged with conspiracy to cultivate cannabis plants on commercial scale.
  • R v Singh & Others [2006]: Client charged with allegations of conspiracy to supply class A controlled drugs and money laundering on a commercial scale.
  • R v Hitendra Patel & Others [2007]: Representing one of 23 defendant case involving conspiracy to facilitate illegal immigration into the European Union and United States of America and money laundering.
  • R v Amratlal Bava & Others [2007]: Representing one of the main defendants in 30 defendant case involving allegations of conspiracy to facilitate illegal immigration into the European Union and United States of America and money laundering.
  • R v Riaz Bi & Others [2009]: Multiple rape, kidnapping, false imprisonment and assault.


Ashraf is a fraud defence specialist. He provides advice and representation in some of the largest and most complex fraud cases to come before the Courts in the country. He specialises in advising and representing corporate and individual clients across the full range of white collar criminal offences, business crime, and related regulatory proceedings.

Ashraf’s services are often called upon at the earliest stage of a fraud investigation to assist in active case management. Due to the sheer size of the fraud alleged and the volume of documents involved, he often works within a team of specialist lawyers and forensic accountants during the preparatory stages.

Ashraf has experience of a wide spectrum of the business crime or regulatory issues which can face companies or individuals, including criminal anti-competitive behaviour (cartels, insider dealing, market abuse, LIBOR and other foreign exchange rate), Fraud (including Revenue (VAT and excise/duty diversion), mortgage, carbon credit trading, banking/fraudulent trading, factoring, MTIC/Carousel, boiler room, land banking, money laundering and “Ponzi” schemes) and Intellectual property crime.


  • R v MS & 8 Others (Operation Yates): Multi million pound money laundering linked to major drugs trafficking conspiracy in North East England.
  • R v IR & 6 Others (Operation Lever): Alleged multi million pound International Revenue Share Fraud on mobile phone industry.
  • R v RS: Tax fraud.
  • R v PS & 8 Others: Multi million pound conspiracy to defraud Banks.
  • R v TH & 4 Others (Operation Coil): Defence of a mortgage broker charged with conspiracy to defraud lenders in excess of £1.6 million.
  • R v NK & 50 Others (Operation Thatcham): Instructed to defend in a large-scale conspiracy to defraud Insurance companies.
  • R v LH & 15 Others (Operation Lollipop): Defence of man accused of large-scale conspiracy to defraud insurance companies.
  • R v MS & 8 Others: Conspiracy to Supply Class A and Money Laundering.
  • R v BH & 18 Others (Operate Savate): Instructed to represent the lead defendant, a com-pany director, in allegation of direct and indirect tax fraud within the construction industry. This case has been described at the largest construction fraud to be prosecuted to date.
  • R v PW & 7 Others (Operation Bamburgh): Instructed to represent one of the main defend-ants in what has been described as the largest mortgage fraud to be prosecuted to date.
  • R v MD & 65 Others (Operation Nacho): Instructed to represent one of the principal defend-ants. This case has been described as the largest ‘cash for crash’ fraud ever prosecuted in the country. The allegation involves a large-scale fraud on insurance companies through false/exaggerated accident and personal injury claims.
  • R v NC & 4 Others: Representing defendant charged with fraudulent trading on a substantial scale.
  • R v OR & 9 Others (Operation Enigma): Client alleged to be part of a £200 million interna-tional money laundering crime syndicate.
  • R v TP & 6 Others: Trading Standards prosecution of organised crime group involved in large scale counterfeit goods fraud.
  • R v Andrew Dodds & 17 Others: Instructed to represent defendant charged with large-scale ‘cash for crash’ insurance fraud.
  • R v Maria Gunakasera & 5 Others: Represented one of the principal defendants (a profes-sional banker) charged with laundering the proceeds of her father’s cheat on the public revenue which ran into millions.
  • R v Michael Robinson & 17 Others (Operation Anerley): Representing the lead defendant as leading junior in this multi-million pound mortgage fraud.
  • R v James Priestley & 4 Others: Representing defendant charged with £1 million money laundering. The source of the money alleged to by the proceeds of drug trafficking.
  • R v Michael Cooper & 6 Others: Representing lead defendant in a £100 million steel fraud.
  • R v John Howard & 15 Others (Operation Pompeii): Representing one of the defendants in a multi-million pound mortgage fraud.
  • R v Mohammed Asghar & 20 Others: Substantial fraud on insurance industry.
  • R v Imran Ul Haq & 8 Others: Representing the lead defendant in this substantial MTIC fraud.
  • R v Sarah Considine & 8 Others (Operation Jericho): Multi million pound money launder-ing resulting from proceeds of crime generated via drug trafficking. Client acquitted after an 8 week trial.
  • R v Paul Johnstone & 5 Others: Represented acquitted defendant of multi million pound fraud.
  • R v Adam Amani & 25 Others: Representing first defendant on the indictment in what was described at the largest MTIC fraud ever prosecuted by Revenue and Customs at the time.
  • R v Faiza Ali & 8 Others: Defending in second defendant in an international £144 million fraud perpetrated against Virgin media. Defendant acquitted.
  • R v Rahman Shah & 4 Others: Representing lead defendant in large scale and systematic benefit fraud.
  • R v Rasif Janjuah & Others [2003]: ‘Advance Fee Fraud’. Client charged with conspiracy to defraud. Case involved large scale operation instigated by the West Midlands Police Organised Crime Unit, the Home Office and the Organised Crime Squad of West Africa.
  • R v Farooq Ahmed Yousaf & Others [2006]: Representing lead defendant charged with conspiracy to defraud and part of highly sophisticated ‘car ringing’ organisation.
  • R v Mark Tull & Others [2007]: Representing lead defendant and company director of a time share company charged with conspiracy to defraud in excess of £1 million.
  • R v Waseem Khan & Others [2008]: Representing lead defendant charged conspiracy to de-fraud and alleged to be the lead conspirator in defrauding banks and other lending institutions of substantial sums of money.

Murder & Manslaughter

Ashraf is regularly instructed for the defence in the highest profile murder and manslaughter cases in the country. Most cases of this type have been long trials involving gang related executions or multiple defendants, conflicting or complex evidence and technical issues of, among others, causation, vulnerable defendants and anonymous witnesses. He accustomed to defending in homicide cases that have been complicated by additional issues, such as multi-handed cut-throat defences, unusually young defendants and/or victims, examination of young or otherwise vulnerable witnesses and anonymous witnesses, complex scientific evidence, e.g. causation, low copy DNA or disputed medical opinion.


  • R v CP & 9 Others: Gang related murder where prosecution offered no evidence against the client after legal argument 8 weeks into the trial.
  • R v JP & 10 Others (Operation Poppy): Representing client alleged to be involved in gang-land violence and drug trafficking.
  • R v WC & 3 Others: Client facing allegation of murder of a man alleged to have abused young children.
  • R v Gordon Whitehouse: Defendant alleged to have beat to death elderly man during the course of a burglary. Defendant acquitted of Manslaughter.
  • R v Lee Woodier & 5 Others: High profile murder in Middlesbrough involving gang violence. Client first on the indictment and acquitted of murder.
  • R v David Connors: Defending man who strangled his ex-girlfriend to death in a secluded woodland park in Birmingham during sexual intercourse. Case attracted significant local media attention.
  • R v Martin Hallahan & 5 Others: Murder of vulnerable adult by a gang of youths in the Bir-mingham area.
  • R v Sadar Sharif Mahmood & 5 Others: Successfully defended the only defendant charged with the honour killing of Benaz Mahmod.
  • R v Rennard Russell: Defendant acquitted after trial. Motive for the killing alleged to be over a drugs dispute.
  • R v Foad Kotchki & 8 Others: This was a gangland drugs case where competing factions engaged in violence against each other in order to gain control over the area of supply. The trial was prosecuted by QC and junior. Client (2nd on Indictment) was acquitted after a 10 week trial.
  • R v Bernadette O’Sullivan [2002]: Defence counsel. Client charged with the Attempted Murder of her husband.
  • R v Atiq Hussain, Majid Hussain & Others [2003]: Defence counsel for both defendants in a two month trial where defendants charged with attempted murder, causing grievous bodily harm and violent disorder.
  • R v Hullett & Others [2003]: Representing defendant allegedly linked to a national network of drug traffickers. Case involved allegations of murder by way of contract killing, possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life and conspiracy to pervert the course of public justice.
  • R v Barbra Taylor [2004]: Client charged with the Attempted Murder of her husband.
  • R v Asad Osman [2004]: Representing one of 31 defendants charged with murder and con-spiracy to commit violent disorder.
  • R v Richard Lowe & Another [2006]: Client, along with his father, charged with murder of his mother and perverting the course if public justice.
  • R v Stephen Clinton [2007]: Defendant charged with murder.
  • R v Gordon & Others [2009]: Multi handed murder case.


Regulatory law is also a key part of Ashraf’s practice. He is approved as a member of the de-fence panel at the Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) and the Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre (QICDR) where he advises and represents corporate bodies and individuals in relation to regulatory breaches or where he acts as a mediator in complex commercial disputes.

Ashraf has extensive experience in defending in cases where regulatory breaches are alleged by governing bodies of professional, organisations and/or businesses. Over the years, he has advised and represented clients being investigated and/or prosecuted by the following agencies: Charity Commission for England and Wales, Environment Agency (EA), Office of Fair Trading (OFT), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), The Pensions Regulator, Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), General Chiropractic Council (GCC), General Dental Council (GDC), General Medical Council (GMC), General Optical Council (GOC), General Osteopathic Council (GosC), General Pharmaceutical Council (GPC), Health Professions Council (HPC), Health and Safety Executive, Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE), Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (PSNI), Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB), The Law Society, General Social Care Council (GSCC), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Office of Rail Regulation (ORR), Ofcom – Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries, PhonepayPlus – regulator for phone-paid services in the UK, Ofgem – the Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets, Ofwat – the Water Services Regulation Authority, Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), Food Standards Agency, Forensic Science Regulator, Information Commissioner’s Office and the Police Complaints Authority, Press Complaints Commission (PCC).

Directory Quotes

For over a decade, Ashraf’s experience and expertise in complex fraud and serious organised crime has been consistently recognised by his inclusion in the Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500. These leading independent publications have described him as follows:

  • “Recognised for advising on serious financial crime matters. He regularly defends cases of mortgage, tax and investment fraud… His written work is particularly good.” Chambers & Partners 2017
  • “Particularly noted for his expertise in cartel investigations, insider dealing and rate fixing matters. He routinely represents large corporations and individuals.” Chambers & Partners 2016
  • “His calm persona can cut through complex issues with ease.” Legal 500 2016
  • “Has a nationwide financial crime practice and is regularly instructed to defend in complex fraud cases…has an A to Z knowledge of fraud work.” Chambers & Partners 2015
  • “Often has the prosecution running around in circles.” Legal 500 2015
  • “Has a practice encompassing mortgage, tax and insurance fraud cases.” Chambers & Partners 2014
  • “An excellent jury advocate.” Legal 500 2014
  • “Praised for his ability to handle cases which combine civil and criminal fraud elements. He has a national fraud profile, and handles mortgage and insurance frauds, money laundering matters and MTIC cases.” Chambers & Partners 2013
  • “Mindblowingly experienced.” Legal 500 2013
  • “A diligent professional acclaimed for his fantastic knowledge of his subject.” Chambers & Partners 2012
  • “Fights really hard for his clients and is very good tactically.” Chambers & Partners 2011
  • “Is comfortable with any level of tribunal and is completely au fait with complex legal issues.” Legal 500 2011


  • Criminal Bar Association
  • European Criminal Bar Association
  • International Criminal Bar Association