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Ashley Hendron

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"Ashley is methodical and extremely efficient and analytical in his approach to case preparation. He has an effective and commanding advocacy style."  

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  • “Ashley is methodical and extremely efficient and analytical in his approach to case preparation. He has an effective and commanding advocacy style.”  Legal 500 (2024)

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Ashley Hendron is an established and diligent practitioner.

Ashley demonstrates a command of his cases and quickly masters the important issues in complex and serious matters. A keen eye on tactics from the outset is one of the reasons he achieves the results that he does. Professional clients are put at ease with his client care and hard work.

He has experience across a broad spectrum of offences, including; homicide, serious organised crime and financial crime.

Practice Areas


Ashley is experienced in serious, complex, fraud and money laundering cases instructed alone, as leading junior or as led junior.

This experience includes consideration of complex material from different jurisdictions and a variety of specialist Prosecuting Authorities and internal company investigations.

Ashley has also represented in cases where it is alleged that employees, directors or officials have breached their duties or committed different types of economic crime.

Notable fraud cases

R v J (2021)

Conspiracy to Defraud, Complex Trading Standards case involving 9 defendants instructed as leading junior.

R v K (2020)

Cyber fraud case involving alleged dark web vendor operating cashing out services.

R v Y (2019)

Conspiracy to cheat the public revenue. Complex multi-handed financial fraud Instructed as led Junior Counsel for the second defendant.

R v H (2019)

Conspiracies to commit fraud and money laundering offences involving two former bank employees.

R v X (2018)

Fraud by abuse of position – large multi-handed fraud upon multiple London Boroughs by housing benefit officers. Total loss in excess of £1m. Instructed as led junior for the first Defendant.

R v K (2018)

Historical family dispute fraud and alleged perverting the course of Justice.

R v F (2017)

Multi-handed banking fraud & money laundering with an alleged loss in excess of £500,000.

R v O (2016)

Alleged international fraud and money laundering of just under £500,000 with fraud alleged in America, Canada and the Bahamas.

R v GB (2016)

£300,000 Revenue fraud relating to VAT, PAYE and National Insurance through the alleged running of a closed business.


Ashley has demonstrable experience in cases involving allegations of serious organised criminal activity.

He has defended serious cases involving alleged conspiracies to supply class A drugs, importation of firearms, and substantive offences connected to the use of firearms in dangerous circumstances.

Such case preparation experience includes the consideration of complex digital data analysis, cell site, telecommunications and a variety of forensic examinations.

His trial experience includes complex multi-handed matters and scenarios involving a cut throat defence.

Notable crime cases

R v V (2021)

Serious firearms offences involving a drive by shooting with weapons on both sides.

R v D (2021)

Cases arising from ENCRO involving multiple allegations of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs at multiple levels and money laundering.

R v K (2020)

Firearms offences arising from NCA importation investigation.

R v JJ (2019)

Organised Class A drug supply case involving multiple retail premises.

R v W (2019)

Conspiracy to import class C drugs. Case involved alleged organisation of large scale importations.

R v G (2019)

Multiple Conspiracy to supply Class A, B and C drugs and money laundering. Total value of value of drugs involved in excess of £3m.

R v F (2018)

6 week multi-handed trial relating to large scale Conspiracy for the Supply of “Skimming Devices”.

R v S (2018)

Possession of imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.

R v S (2017)

Section 16 possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life – loaded sawn off shotgun, hidden in park.

R v M (2017)

15 handed conspiracy to supply class A drugs involving multiple kilogram sales across the country.

R v DB (2015)

14 handed conspiracy to supply class A drugs at a regional level.

R v AM (2014)

Led Junior – complex conspiracy to import Skorpion machine pistols into the UK from Germany.

Murder & Manslaughter

Ashley has developed experience in Murder and Manslaughter cases.

His experience includes the instruction of forensic experts in fields including blood spatter, DNA analysis, toxicology and psychology.

In addition to the above, Ashley also has experience in complex issues to do with Gross Negligence and Causation arising from the supply of a dangerous diet product.

Notable murder & manslaughter cases

R v A (2021)

Led junior for youth defendant charged with murder of a youth.

R v H (2021)

Multi handed Murder involving 9 defendants in an organised fight with weapons. Led junior for second defendant.

R v D (2021)

Attempted Murder involving pursuit with a large combat knife.

R v Z (2021)

Led Junior for first defendant in 6 handed Murder, Attempted Murder and Aggravated Burglary.

R v X (2020)

Leading Junior for defendant facing Attempted Murder following a series of section 18 assaults involving knives and other weapons.

R v A (2020)

Death by Dangerous Driving involving a high performance sports car.

R v R (2020)

Retrial for Gross Negligence Manslaughter. Led Junior for main defendant.

R v R (2018)

Manslaughter – Gross Negligence and Unlawful Act. Led Junior for the lead defendant. Complex case involving issues of autonomy, causation and toxicology.

R v J (2017)

Murder – represented as led Junior Counsel for the first defendant. Involved use of television as a weapon and stamping injuries.

Serious Sexual Offences

Ashley is a trained Vulnerable Witness Facilitator and has experience in a range of cases involving vulnerable complainants, witnesses and defendants.

He has experience representing cases of the utmost seriousness for offences of this type.

Notable serious sexual offences cases

R v F (2021)

An unusual case involving allegation of Rape and serious firearms and class A drug offences.

R v X (2018)

Appeal from youth court conviction (certificate for counsel) Involved intermediary, ground rules hearing, extensive pre-prepared questions and review of a substantial quantity of 3rd party material.

R v A (2018)

Alleged Sexual Assault. Following detailed Defence Statement and disclosure requests, Crown offered no Evidence.

R v P (2017)

Sexual assault – case required an Intermediary & use of ATC toolkits.

R v M (2016)

Historical alleged assault by penetration on a child. Intermediary required given specific difficulties present which at one stage envisaged the complainant being mute at trial.

R v R (2016)

Serious and violent multiple rape case involving issues to do with dangerousness, mental health and religious overtones.

R v DN (2015)

Stranger rape in a dwelling. Defence Intermediary required. Full preparation including ATC toolkits & ground rules hearing.

R v AC (2015)

Sexual assault – involved allegations of use of a noxious substance and the defendant’s vehicle.

Criminal Defence

Ashley has extensive experience representing in cases involving alleged violence and use of weapons.

Notable criminal defence cases

R v E (2021)

Three handed section 18 allegation involving use of a combat knife and injury to the chest.

R v F (2019)

Multi handed Affray. Organised fight between football supporters with apparent referees.

R v C (2019)

Section 18 group assault. Successful exclusion of bad character evidence. Successful half time submission.

R v A (2019)

Attempted Section 18 and possession of offensive weapon involving multiple weapon strikes to the head.

R v S (2018)

Attempted Section 18 assault within a Prison using boiling water.

R v D (2017)

Aggravated Burglary, targeting of address, returned with an accomplice, facial disguise and iron bars.

R v AK (2015)

Armed robbery involving Taser, baton and balaclava in a dwelling.

R v KB (2015)

Section 18, facial stabbing with a concealed belt knife.

R v JU (2015)

Section 18, alleged use of noxious substance and improvised slingshot.

R v I (2015)

Section 18, eye stabbing involving broken glass bottle.

R v M (2015)

Section 18, group attack at night, kicks whilst on the floor, facial fracture sustained.

R v M (2015)

Section 18, resulting in brain damage & partial deafness.

R v PV (2015)

Possession of firearm and ammunition on aircraft.

R v FN (2014)

4 cases of violent assaults for a single defendant involving psychological issues.


Ashley has substantial experience at the Court of Appeal across a wide range of cases. His reported appeals have included successful conviction and sentence appeals and he has been instructed on a private and public basis.

Notable appeals cases

R v Bernard Rebelo (2019)

Led Junior in successful appeal against convictions for Manslaughter.

R v B (2019)

Successful sentence appeal about tagged curfew time.

R v R (2017)

Successful appeal against sentence of 18 years EPP for Violent Rape offences.

R v AN (2017)

Successful appeal against conviction based on misdirection.

R v ZB (2015)

Successful appeal against sentence involving record of dishonesty.

R v JW (2015)

Successful appeal against sentence regarding drugs in custody.

R v LJ (2014)

Successful appeal against sentence in substantial class A drug case.

R v CB (2012)

Led Junior responding to Prosecution appeal.

R v IK (2011)

EWCA Crim 1146. Appeal against conviction on basis of admission of bad character evidence.

R v CK (2010)

1 Cr App R 2. Successful appeal against conviction. The appeal involved consideration of reverse burdens of proof.


Ashley has experience in Confiscation matters of some complexity. This includes 3rd party applications and cases involving international enquiries.

Notable confiscation cases

R v P (2020)

Instructed post-conviction in contested POCA proceedings involving substantial benefit figures and an alleged regional Class A Drug supplier. The case involves international enquiries into assets in Cambodia. Now due to be heard in 2021.

R v K (2020)

Contested POCA proceedings involving alleged benefit figure of £700,000 arising from lengthy trading standards investigation into a second hand car business.

R v T (2018)

Instructed on behalf of third party in contested POCA proceedings who had been acquitted in one of the original proceedings.

R v FB (2015)

Contested POCA proceedings involving hidden assets in Morocco.

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