Austin Stoton prosecutes HSE breaches where £1,000,000 fine imposed

Austin Stoton prosecuted Sembcorp Utilities (UK) Ltd, Central Industrial (Northern) Limited (CIS) and R & A Kay Inspecting Services Limited (RAK). Sembcorp, a Singaporean utilities company are the main energy provider to the Wilton International Sites in the North East of England. CIS are a company specialising in the cleaning of process equipment. RAK are a firm of inspecting technicians and engineers approved by various notified bodies. A high pressure steam line failed at approximately 1000 Bar g causing a large and complex boiler system to fracture. A projectile part of the equipment shot through a technician’s leg. After a dozen operations the technician’s leg was amputated. The case focussed on a failure to adequately specify, plan and execute engineering test and commissioning works. Fines totalling £1,507,500 were handed down. These fines are, to date, the highest handed down since the coming into force of the definitive sentencing guidelines on the Northern Circuit. The defendants  were ordered to pay the entirety of the prosecution’s costs.

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