Archangelo Power secures career of serving RAF Officer

Following the recent court martial acquittal of a serving RAF Officer, accused of being jointly in possession of class A drugs and conduct prejudicial to good order and service discipline, the RAF instigated what is known as Administrative Action [QR1027] against the officer. In this separate procedure, it was suggested that he had failed the Service test for suitability to remain within the Service and should be discharged from the RAF forthwith.

QR1027 Administrative Action, is specifically raised against personnel who are considered to be unsuitable for their current post/employment and recommended for termination of service, or, exceptionally, retention in the Service.

An Air Force Board was convened in August 2015, to assess whether the officer should remain in the RAF. The initial recommendations for termination of service, as contained within QR1027 were presented to the Air Force Board. It was alleged that the officer had failed to meet the minimum professional standards expected of him by creating an environment in which other members of the Service felt comfortable enough to commit serious criminal offences in his presence without fear of sanction.

However, after hearing both written and oral representations for the officer, the Air Force Board ruled that he should not be discharged from the RAF under OR2905(3) and that his Commission should not be terminated for unsuitability.

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