Allan Compton and Charlotte Brewer secure acquittals for murder and aggravated burglary

Allan Compton and Charlotte Brewer, instructed by Derik Lamont of JSP Solicitors acted for D who had been charged with murder and aggravated burglary.

In August 2019, D was acquitted of murder following a successful application to dismiss made by Allan Compton. Following the receipt of further scientific evidence, the Crown obtained a voluntary bill of indictment, resulting in D once again facing an allegation murder. Expert evidence was obtained on behalf of D in relation to cause of death, which led to the Crown offering no evidence in respect of the murder count on the first day of the trial. Allan and Charlotte subsequently applied to exclude the sole remaining piece of evidence against D, based on significant and substantial breaches of PACE Code D. That application was successful and as a result, D was acquitted of all charges.

Three other defendants were convicted of aggravated burglary after trial.

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