Abuse of state power by Police

Jim Sturman QC acted for Holman Fenwick Willan (James Clibbon and Paul Wordley instructing) who successfully challenged the endorsement of a warrant granted by the Scottish Court and endorsed by a London Court.

Within hours of the warrant purportedly being executed an injunction was obtained preventing the removal of documents from the jurisdiction, Judicial Review proceedings culminated in the quashing of the endorsement of the warrant, a declaration that neither the warrant nor the endorsement provided any lawful authority for the search and an indemnity costs award against the Scottish Police for what was described by the Court as “an abuse of state power”, see http://wwwthetimes.co.uk/article/raid-on-rangers-files-was-abuse-of-state-power-p9k308qtm.

Further details of this case will be published later in a blog article on this website. Click here for the judgement.

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