Nigel Ingram

Year of Call: 1972  


Nigel Ingram is an experienced counsel who primarily specialises in complex and detailed cases of fraud primarily for the defence.

From 1990 to 2004 he was principally engaged in acting for the Government. As Standing Counsel to the Department of Trade and Industry from 1990 to 2005 during which period he prosecuted in a large number of high profile and complex fraud (primarily with Junior Counsel). The work undertaken reflects this Counsel’s in depth experience of the Companies Act and the Insolvency Act and he has a detailed working knowledge of current accounting practices.

During the 15 years of his appointment he prosecuted in many of the leading cases for the Department and the case of R v Trietline & Others [2002] (£5 million company fraud). In the Trietline case the Trade Minister celebrated the Prosecution in a statement to the House of Commons as “the most successful mounted by the Department in the recent years”.

Nigel has acted for H M Customs & Excise [1995-2004] and has been engaged and has prosecuted on their behalf. Counsel’s involvement with Customs is primarily in the area of VAT and Excise Fraud. Drugs cases undertaken have normally had complexity, which has required the particular expertise of this Counsel.

Nigel also has wide experience in intrastat fraud and particularly in MTIC Carousel fraud having been directly involved from the early stages with responding to the growth of MTIC fraud and engaged crafting the HMRC approach to disruption of the illicit trade.


Nigel has advised defence solicitors with regard to litigation in relation to his identified specialties including:

  • European Convention on Human Rights 1998
  • Insolvency Acts and Companies Acts 1985 & 2006
  • Companies Directors Disqualification Act 1986
  • Gaming Acts
  • Medicines Act 1968
  • VAT Acts and Customs & Excise Management Act.
  • Proceeds of Crime Act.


Over the past three years in particular Nigel has acted as leading counsel for the defence in a number of complex frauds.

Since 2005 Nigel has also been heavily committed to pharmaceutical fraud work and has developed considerable expertise as to trans global enforcement including the DEA and the MHRA.

He is currently instructed in the defence of a WDL holder in an on going prosecution by the MHRA / DWP.


  • Operation Venison (EWCA Crim 1788): A multi million pound carousel fraud.
  • Operation Develop: A multi million pound carousel fraud in relation to mobile phones.
  • R v Cassidy & Others: Advanced airline ticketing fraud, a loss of £5 million to the world’s airlines.
  • R v Ogunjimi & Others: Benefit fraud on the DHSS of £2 million.
  • R v Adamson & Others: £20m Internet fraud on London clearing banks.
  • R v Patino & Others: A multi million pound global conspiracy in relation to counterfeit pharmaceuticals products where he led a successful defence.
  • R v Devo & Others: Advised the defence on disclosure issues in inter linked MHRA cases.

Health & Safety

Nigel regularly advises defence solicitors on aspects of Health & Safety enforcement.

In late 2007 he successfully prosecuted two construction companies in Buckinghamshire in relation to near fatal deaths at work (HSE v Clarks Ltd & Environmental Reclamation Ltd).