Craig Rush

Year of Call: 1989  


Craig Rush is able to provide advice both pre and post charge and has acted in cases involving Leading 500 companies, city regulatory compliance, international sporting figures as well as general criminal cases.

Craig primarily appears as a leading junior defending in cases involving serious criminal allegations. With particular expertise in cases of murder, armed robbery and major drug conspiracies and allegations involving firearms.

He has particular niche experience in prosecuting and defending in trading standards and consumer protection litigation with extensive knowledge of the legal framework in relation to copyright and trade marks in the fields of music and film.

In recent years he has developed particular experience in serious fraud cases, including missing trader and substantial money laundering as well as confiscation and restraint.



  • R v Toomey et al (Heathrow)
  • R v Tipple
  • R v Wiliams
  • R v Wall
  • R v Jenkins
  • R v Fowler (Tonbridge Securitas)
  • R v Penny
  • R v Burr (Peacock Gym)
  • R v Brown
  • R v Stokes
  • R v Wright
  • R v Johnson
  • R v Greener
  • R v Tottman
  • R v Van Staden
  • R v Yorganci
  • R v French
  • R v McNay
  • R v Kennedy



  • R v Nelson
  • R v Wise
  • R v Fisher
  • R v Wright
  • R v Price
  • R v Biddle
  • R v Elsworth

Health & Safety


  • R v Dodd (Whiteley Village)
  • R v Mays Precision Diecasting
  • R v Nap Anglia Ltd
  • R v Heinsen & Kent Blazhill Plc
  • R v Erceri & Kebabery WHholesales
  • R v Ace Scaffolding
  • R v Reads Construction
  • R v Maldon District Council
  • R v Elmer & EA Scaffolding

Murder & Manslaughter


  • R v Saunder & Others
  • R v Hansell
  • R v McDonald
  • R v Hayes
  • R v Ben-Rauf
  • R v Tipple
  • R v Williams & Others
  • R v Purkiss
  • R v Wall
  • R v Beavis
  • R v Sabat
  • R v Brown
  • R v Bishop
  • R v Baker
  • R v Dicker
  • R v Dorrian
  • R v Jamieson
  • R v Nichols


  • LLB Hons