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Novation and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015
12 August 2015 - Posted by: 2bedfordrowchambers


A repeat fatality results in a high fine for an animal processing company.
27 July 2015 - Posted by: 2bedfordrowchambers


The Court of Appeal reiterates that high fines will be applied against repeat and serious corporate offenders
30 June 2015 - Posted by: 2bedfordrowchambers


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William Clegg QC

Year of call: 1972

Year of silk: 1991

Recorder: 1992

Email :

Education: L.L.B. (Bristol).



Specialist in white collar fraud, insider dealing, FSA and other regulatory work, corporate manslaughter/gross negligence manslaughter, health and safety, trade descriptions, international criminal law, extradition and European law.  Frequently works in partnership with foreign lawyers in cases involving several jurisdictions. He has recently worked with lawyers in the USA, France, Russia, Switzerland, Dubai and the Far East.


Also acts in high profile general criminal cases and has wide experience in the Court of Appeal and Administrative Court. Committee member Criminal Bar Association, chair of C.B.A. working party on Involuntary Manslaughter (2000), member of standing committee of Justice on fraud trials and prepared submissions to the Fraud Trials Committee.


He has also acted in Public Inquiries and has appeared before various professional regulatory and disciplinary bodies. Frequently advises in cases that do not result in proceedings being instituted, often on behalf of professional clients. Has represented and advised international corporations, foreign governments, national companies, trade unions and a wide range of professionals including lawyers, accountants, doctors, engineers, bankers, etc.

He has been instructed to advise in relation to the Halliburton Investigation currently the subject of a Justice Department Inquiry in the U.S.A. and a judicial investigation in France. Has recently advised cases of alleged corporate corruption, cases before the Panel on Takeovers and Mergers and has recently given expert evidence in Australia in the class action brought against the American tobacco industry. 



To contact Bill Clegg QC please click here Email Clerk

For further information on Bill Clegg QC, please go to



Serious Fraud Office Prosecution

R v Vahey

Asset stripping company.

R v Brook

Instructed on behalf of defence in alleged £240 million investment fraud.

R v Woodhead

Siphoning company funds to shadow director.

R v Spearman

Insider trading.

R v O'Brien

Alliance Resource plc.

R v Adler

£100 million banking fraud.

R v Smith

WSTC Merchant Bank.

R v Clews

Butte Mining plc.

R v Smithson

The Arrows plc.

R v Anderson

Brent Walker plc.


R v N Ltd, O & O

Corporate and gross negligence manslaughter plus related health and safety offences, corporate and individual, following death of worker in machine.

Court : Central Criminal Court

R v Patel

Appeared for defence of surgeon charged with manslaughter.

R v Stagg

Murder of Rachel Nickell.

R v Stone

Chillingdon murders (Russell family). Also appeared for the defendant on appeal.

R v Duckenfield

Appeared for defence of police superintendent in charge of Hillsborough Football Stadium.


R v Weston

Excise duty evasion.

R v Dannison

DTI prosecution.

R v Vanderhill

Multi-million pound VAT fraud.

R v Khan

Inland Revenue prosecution of multi-million pound income and corporation tax fraud.

International Appellate Cases

R v Huggins

[2008] UKPC 32

R v O'Brian


Prosecutor v Josipovica


Prosecutor v Jelisic

ICLR Vol. 2 p.77

Prosecutor v Tadic

ICLR Vol. 1. p. 119

Domestic Appellate Cases

R v Lawson

[2007] 1 CAR 20

R v Tahir

[2006] EWCA Crim 792

R v Liaquat Ali

No. 1 [2006] 1 CAR 8

R v Maloney

[2005] EWCA Crim 2210

R v Knox-Hooke

[2005] EWCA Crim 2349

R v Baluchi

[2005] All ER (D) 274 (Oct)

R v Aarons

[2005] EWCA Crim 3212

R v Ramzan

[2006] 1 CAR 10

R v Morris

[2007] EWCA Crim 2653

R (Director of Revenue & Customs Pros.) v CCRC

[2007] 1 CAR 30

R v Sakavickas

[2008] 1 CAR 1

R v El Kurd

[2008] 1 CAR 1

R v Barry George

[2007] EWCA Crim 2722

R v B


R v Liaquat Ali

No. 2 2007/1079/B4

R v Megrabi

[2008] 2 CAR 36

R v N & C

[2008] EWCA 1223

Edwards v CCRC

[2008] EWHC 2389 (Admin)